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DrueckGlueck Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • 5 Licenсes: Denmark ...

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €10

100% up to €100 + 50 Free Spins

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Mr. Green Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • 4 Licenсes: Italy ...

WR: 35x

Min Dep: €20

€100 Welcome Bonus & 200 Free Spins

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888 Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • 10 Licenсes: Delaware ...

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €10

100% Up To €140 Bonus On Your 1st Deposit

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Casino Room


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • 4 Licenсes: Curaçao ...

WR: 75x

Min Dep: €10

Deposit €50 and Play with €100

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777 Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • 2 Licenсes: Gibraltar ...
  • Cashback: Yes

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €10

77 No Deposit Spins & up to €200 Welcome Bonus

Get bonus!

A Comprehensive Guide to Slots Games

Since the advent of casinos, slots games have been the all-time favorite genre of the gamblers around the world. This is largely thanks to the huge variety of slots games available as well as their high rates of winnings. Whatever may be the reason, slots games remain one of the top casino games and enjoy tremendous popularity and competition to this date.

Both rookies, as well as seasoned gamblers, can play slot games as these games are very easy to pick up. Moreover, they offer great rewards even for small stakes. Today, slot games have moved on from the traditional brick and mortar casinos towards the technologically advanced online casinos. More and more players these days are choosing online slot games over live ones for the sake of convenience.

Let’s look at slot games in detail and find out the best techniques and strategies for playing them online.

Playing Slots Games Online

The most important step before playing slot games online is to ensure the authenticity of the site where you are playing. Do not choose the first site that you come across on the internet. Take a detailed look at the website, its terms of play, and its certifications. If you aren’t convinced of the site or company’s legitimacy, avoid it altogether and choose a different site.

When you start playing a slots game, you have to select the number of lines and coins first. You can also choose the size of the coin you want to play. The total bet size of the game will be based on the number of coins and lines and the size of the bet.

After the total bet is declared, you can select the ‘spin’ option to spin the reels and place your bet. You can see if you have won or lost your stake by looking at the symbols that show up when you spin the reels. In case you win, some online slots will give you the option to gamble your winnings further. If you choose the option, you get a chance to double your winnings.

Sometimes, online slots also give you a bonus game that offers more free spins. This is also a great attraction for online slot players. Many online slots offer you exciting bonuses such as the welcome bonus, to encourage you to keep playing.

Tips and Strategies for Playing Slot Games

RTP or return to player percentage is an important tool that can be used to determine the rate of wins in a slot game. You should always go for slot games with a high RTP percentage of at least 96 and above. This will give you the best odds of winning.

Moreover, if you are looking to win, going for slot games which don’t have progressive jackpots is a smart move. While high progressive jackpots look very appealing, you will have a better chance at winning in those slots that don’t have progressive jackpots. Statistically speaking, you are more likely to win small jackpots than a huge one.

However, if you are set on playing a progressive jackpot, go for one that hasn’t paid out in a while. You will have a greater chance here than playing a slot with a progressive jackpot that paid out very recently.

You can also select a slot game that has a variance somewhere between medium and high. This increases your chance of winning your slot greatly. High variance also entails high risks, so make sure you are prepared for that.

In online slot games, you can use the Bet Max feature to bet the maximum amount possible for each spin. However, you should only use this feature if you have a sufficient budget. It is always best to choose a budget first and then play according to it. If you don’t have a pre-determined budget, you might end up paying a lot of money without even noticing.

Types of Slots Games

There is a great variety of slot games available – from classic slots to video slots and even slots with huge jackpots. The classic games like poker, roulette, and blackjack are always the most popular. Then there are the traditional three-reel machines. However, today, the slot games have progressed to 3D slots and Virtual Reality slots. You can choose between a large number of slots based on the gameplay, winnings, and graphics/animation.

Playing Slots Games For Free

Many online slots offer you the chance to play slots games in the fun or practice mode. This means you can play slots without involving any money. You won’t have to pay the initial deposit and you also won’t be eligible for any cash prize. This is a safe ground for practicing your slot games skills. You can have fun while playing slots without worrying about money and gain some much-needed experience before moving on to play slots for real money.

Classic slot games are always in high demand in online casinos. However, many other exciting slots games are available to suit every player’s likings. These slots make use of state of the art graphics and backing audio effects to give the player an immersive experience like never before. Because of the advanced graphics of such games, many players opt for them. Moreover, many such games have a thrilling storyline that keeps you engaged throughout the game. You can even find slots with the themes of your favorite movie, TV show or book.


  1. What are the differences between online and offline slot games?

The rules of online and offline slot games remain more or less the same. However, the major difference lies in the payouts. The payouts in online slots games are comparatively much higher than those in live slots games. The player almost always can get a higher return through online slot games. Moreover, the number and variety of slots games offered will also be higher in online slots.

  1. How to select the best site for playing slot games online?

There a lot of scams online, and you have to be careful while choosing an online site to play slot games. First of all, ensure that the company is certified and licensed by the government. Also, check if they have a 24-hour customer service or helpdesk available. If you encounter a problem or have a doubt, you should contact the customer support to clarify it immediately. It is also a good idea to take a look at the smallest denominations of money available. Read a couple of reviews and make sure that the site doesn’t take too long to deposit your winnings.

  1. What are the advantages of playing slot games online?

Besides having a greater variety of games and higher payouts, online slots also boast of a higher Return to Player ratio (RTP). Moreover, online slot games can be accessed anywhere, anytime. You can play them through most of the iOS and Android devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

  1. Are the slot games favorable for the player or the casino?

Slot games will always be more advantageous to the casino than the players. The online casino will have the house edge and will win in the long term. However, the slot games also give the player a chance to win in the short term. If you play smart and get lucky, you can enjoy some good rewards now and then.

  1. What are the different payment methods available in online slots?


Most online slots give you the options to pay via your credit/debit card or bank transfer. Many also provide the options for FirePay and Neteller. More importantly, be extra careful of the terms and conditions for withdrawal in the online slots. Some online slots might require withdrawal charges and it is best to get all the information regarding payment before signing up.

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