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Alf Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao
  • Cashback: Yes

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €20

100% Bonus up to €500 and 200 Free Spins

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Wazamba Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao
  • Cashback: Yes

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €20

100% Bonus up to €500 + 200 Free Spins

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Light Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • Licenсe: MGA

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €20

100% Welcome Bonus up to €500 + 200 Free Spins

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Casoo Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao

WR: 35x

Min Dep: €10

€2000 Welcome Package + 200 Free Spins

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Nomini Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao
  • Cashback: Yes

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €20

100% up to €500 + 100 Free Spins

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GoCash 88- a fast, easy and secure way of mobile transaction in online casinos

A cyber wallet or smartphone wallet is the newest addition in online purchases. You can carry them anywhere and everywhere.  You can now ditch your hefty purses and briefcases and enjoy the game at the casinos with ease. GoCash88 is one such online banking system that provides the customer with speedy, reliable and trouble-free transactions.

Want to exchange currencies? Or unsure of using the digital way of money transaction?

Considering the threats that online banking poses, is GoCash88 your ideal choice for online casinos? Let's find out more about GoCash88 in this review.

What is the GoCash88 card?

You will find GoCash cards in 32 different countries and can interchange between six different currencies. The UAE exchange provides over 7.2 million people with their services.  They offer many services to their customers across the globe like the Xpress Money, Smart Pay and FLASHremit.

These services provide instant money transactions among six different currencies. You can use its card at various ATMs and banks. It gives you the flexibility and benefit to pass your funds between different currencies so you can take full advantage of your time at the casino. 

The card provides its holder with authentic and secure transactions across the globe. If you want to convert your currency to another currency, you can do that quickly and smoothly on their mobile application. 

How can you use it at an online casino?

The easiest way to access the GoCash Card is to visit their website.

Step 1- For creating an account, you need to approach the site, fill in your details.

Step 2- Verify and re-check them. Ensure that the details given are authentic since this the information that GoCash will use to contact you.

Step 3- Confirm your registration, and you will receive a verification mail.

Step 4- Verify your account and then choose your payment option. You can also send a message to them and place your request for the card.  

Step 5 - You then need to load your card with the allocated amount and then change it into the desired currency.

Take additional caution while using the card. Ensure that you do not share your card PIN with anyone. Do not write the PIN on a piece of paper or store the PIN on your mobile phones. Also, avoid scratching the magnetic stripe of the card as it is a sensitive cover and needs special care.

How secure is the GoCash Card?

Security is one of the key concerns when it comes to choosing your card. So how secure is GoCash card? You always need a reliable and protected card to save your money from online frauds.

The GoCash Card uses your personal information as security for your card. In case of any emergencies or if you have lost your card, you can call or report to GoCash service center. On your identification and verification, the bank will block your card temporarily. If you wish to continue their services, then you can ask for a replacement card and activate the same.

The GoCash card comes with a 3D secure solution that secures and keeps your card protected so you can enjoy hassle-free, safe and secure money transactions. You can even link your mobile number with your card so that you receive an OTP or One-Time-password every time you make an online transaction. 

You even have face recognition and a biometric password on the mobile application that magnifies the security of your card. With the enhanced security system, you can transfer money care-freely.

Why should opting for GoCash be beneficial for you?

The GoCash card has many benefits. The first and prime most is that you can exchange your currency between six different currencies. The maps also have an exchange rate lock facility that makes sure your money stays protected against the rate fluctuations. You can use the card globally since it is acceptable across the globe. This card is ideal if you travel across different countries so you won't have to carry different currencies; instead, you will have one card, many coins.

The significant difference between GoCash and other cards is its simple and easy use.

While there are other cards available in the market and work the same way, but they do have a lengthy procedure. With GoCash online transaction is made easy and efficient. You would not need to remember your passcode or fill in a lengthy form. Just a little information and you are good to go.  

Access to mobile device

You can also access your GoCash card from your mobile devices. You can download the UAE Exchange app from Play Store or Apple store. With the application, you can access prioritize your currency or instantly add top-ups to your card. If you want to transfer your money with other available money, you can easily do that using the application.

The application has face recognition and uses your biometrics for enhanced security so that you can enjoy hassle-free and secure mobile transactions. You can also chat with their mobile assistant for any assistance you need in case of mobile transactions.


The card has many noteworthy features that will benefit you. The card gives you the liberty of interchanging the currency between six different currencies. You can also use the card at various ATMs and banks.

The card also has a rate lock technology that ensures that your money stays protected against the rate fluctuations. Another exciting feature that the card offers is a 3D secure solution that keeps your card safe and secure so that you can enjoy hassle-free transactions. 

You can also pay online with the card or add or remove currencies with the application. The card also has an app that you can install in your Android or Apple devices. In case of any discrepancy with the card, you can immediately contact their customer service and get your problems solved. With the easy and secure transaction, you can enjoy your time at the casino.

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